Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation SPF +50 - 01 Ivory 30 Ml

Fluid Foundation that works in several dimensions, Long lasting deep coverage with mattifying effect.
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Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation SPF +50 - 01 Ivory 30 ml
• Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation, with SPF 50+, with high moisturizing properties, to add more attractiveness and vitality to the skin.
• The formula is enriched with active aesthetic ingredients, which include beeswax and linseed extract in addition to the protective leucine complex.
• It gives the skin the highest level of protection from harmful sun rays and ultraviolet rays, which increase skin pigmentation, change skin color, and the appearance of dark spots.
• Also, it provides the skin with deep, long-lasting coverage.
• The leucine complex contributes to strengthening the immunity of skin cells, enhancing resistance to irritation, and calming the skin.
• Linseed extract and beeswax support the regeneration of the natural protective lipid layers to protect the skin from drying and ensure that it is provided with adequate hydration.
• Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation is the best choice for all skin types, especially sensitive and more sensitive skin Prone to irritation and skin pigmentation.

Active ingredients:
Leukine, Beeswax, Mattifying micro-sponges, linseed extract.

Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation SPF +50:
• Conceals skin flaws and redness.
• Provides mattifying effects.
• Makes skin smoother.
• Conceals discolorations.
• Evens out the skin tone.
• Moisturizing skin.

How to use:
• Apply the product to your skin and spread it evenly all over the face,
• Wait until it is fully absorbed.
• For daily use.

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